Is God a democrat?

Who says democracy
Is the best road to travel?
Prove it!
Who says democracy
Is daylight while
Dictatorship is darkness?
Tell me;
Is God a democrat
Or a dictator?
Who says democracy
Is God’s favourite baby?
And who says God hugs
The principles of democracy,
And hates dictatorship?
Look at the work of his hands;
And tell me what you see;
Take the waves
That sweep the seas;
While some are tossing
Some people
To the quiet safety
Of the shore somewhere;
Elsewhere, some others
Are tossing some others
To perdition
In the stormy waters
Of the rough seas,
With death hungrily
Waiting to devour them;
Is it the waves to blame?
The waves aren’t the issue;
It’s what they do;
While some are a blessing,
Others are a curse;
Their power, they draw
From their creator,
Who has the final say;
He alone decides;
And take it or leave it;
He is not a democrat;
His decision is final.


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