To every couple

To every couple,
Our best wishes, we send.
This month of February
Will bring you lots of sunshine, dear couple;
A multiplication of smiles;
Abundance of love;
And an increase
Of quality time for you;
May your relationship hit peak score!
May your finances move to excellence!
And may you handle
Your commitments
With ease!
Everywhere you go
Doors will open to you;
Put God at the center
Of your relationship,
And always pray as a couple;
What you ask God
As a couple,
Will be granted to you.
During these trying moments
That we are going through,
Angels will ever be by you,
In front of you,
Above you
And under your feet,
To guard and protect you
From all dangers.
Not even a single hair
On your head shall be touched.
You are children of God,
So loved by Him.
To God be the glory;
What you agree on earth,
As a couple,
Shall be accepted in heaven.
Shout “Amen!”
For so it

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