Today’s morning prayer 52 for you

Heavenly Father,
We pray for all who are reading this.
Bless them, O Lord,
And grant each one of them
A beautiful day;
No matter where they are at this moment,
We pray you. Father, turn
Your attention to them;
Satisfy each one of them;
Protect them from danger;
Some are on their sick beds,
Touch them with your healing hands
Are restore their health;
Some have been bedridden
For a long time,
Work your miracle on them
And let them be miraculously cured;
Some have lost hope,
Do some thing for them
To know that those who trust in you
Are never left alone;
I pray for all travellers
At this moment,
Make them travel safely;
There are people
Who are in some kind
Of trouble right now;
Free them O Lord,from their difficulty;
Give money to those who are in in need of money
And guide them to use it
Only for good;
Grant each one of them courage
And wisdom to tackle the challenges of this day successfully;
Lead them to the right road;
We make our prayer
Through Christ, Our Lord,

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