I have discovered where you can get your miracle

If you are looking for a miracle, you can find it. I have discovered where you can go and get your miracle. Miracles happen all the time. Do not continue to suffer when one miracle can transform your life; lift you from darkness to light; from oblivion to stardom.

Read this story titled “Ndenge, the Catholic young man”.

Ndenge was a Catholic young man, who worked as a salesman in a Catholic shop. His salary was too small and did not enable him to take care of his family and the other things that he had always dreamed to do.

He prayed everyday for God to touch his employer’s heart to augment his salary. Unfortunately, though he attended Mass daily and prayed for many years, his prayer bore no fruit. It seemed to be falling straight on deaf ears.

Ndenge felt discouraged and sad. One day, his hope was raised by some fellows belonging to a new church called “Abundance Church “, who stopped by and told him that if he came to their church they would pray for one night only and a miracle would happen and he would be happy; if his employer did not raise his salary, he would get a new and better job.

It sounded very tempting, but Ndenge was not someone to give in so easily. He turned down their invitation and said he was not going to jump church to get a miracle.

The fellows did not stop wooing him to join them. They visited him often, gave him money from time to time and were ever ready to come to his aid in times of need.

Ndenge was impressed by such loving care and began to take an interest in such loving people. Soon, he decided that after all, they were so caring and he had no reason not to go with them.

When he told them of his plan to join them, they were overjoyed and showered him with more money and gifts.

He planned to go to the new church the next day after work. That meant he would turn his back once and for all on the Catholic Church.

The next day, he got up feeling ill, but knowing if he did not go to work he would not be paid, he made an effort to go.

Shocked he was that day, that as he was about to close for the day, he got a letter from his employer terminating him.

He had never felt so desperate before. What consoled him was his new and kind friends. He was now more anxious than he had ever been to join their Church.

As he was driving home after work, he got a flat tyre.

“What a day!” He screamed. Everything seemed against him. He went to the boot of the car to get out the spare tyre and found it flat as well.

Surely, he had never had such a terrible day in his life. He looked up to heaven in prayer and asked Mother Mary to intercede for him.

He had not finished when a Mercedes car pulled up with a gentleman on the steering. This man offered him a ride. As they drove along, they chatted. The man offered Ndenge a new job with a salary twice that of the job he had just lost. His employer was a rich and kind Catholic.

Ndenge loved his new job and enjoyed it with all his heart. He felt he couldn’t get anything better. In fact, it was a dream come true as his employer also became his best friend.

That afternoon, his new friends waited for him in vain. He was not going to come again and would never do. He had already got his miracle.

“You don’t need to leave the Catholic Church to get your miracle,” he later told his fellow Catholics. “I found mine in the Catholic Church. So too can you.”

Dear Proud Catholics, let no one deceive you that their church is better than yours. Let no one deceive you that their church is a factory for miracles.

Let no one deceive you with a sweet tongue, gifts and money to leave your church and join their church in order to have miracles.

Let no one deceive you by always being by you and showing you love and care and promising you miracles.

Their church has been created by someone like you. Your Church, the Catholic Church has a divine founder. It is the only Church with a divine founder. That Divine founder is Jesus Christ. Your Church is the Mother Church.

Miracles occur in the Catholic church everyday. Miracles happen to Catholics everyday. The greatest miracle happens during Holy Mass when bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. You don’t need to leave the Catholic Church to go looking for your miracle.

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