Don’t fear to struggle

“Struggle is a the greatest champion’s builder. if you want to become a champion embrace struggle. ” Romilia quotes.

Do you struggle before you make it in life? Or, are you struggling to make it in life? There are some people who go through life with ease. Others struggle before they make it. There are people who go through school with ease. Others who struggle before they pass from one class to another. There are some people who go into business and succeed without much struggle. Others struggle a great deal before they succeed.

Generally, we say that life is not a bed of roses. Life is full of struggle. And struggle should not be seen as something negative. In fact, if you are struggling for anything at the moment, I urge you to take it positively. Your struggle may be your greatest blessing from God if you are wise enough to embrace and exploit it for your good.

Struggle often has enormous benefits. Struggle builds your strength if you don’t allow it to crush you. It is said that the struggle you have today is what will build the strength you need tomorrow. Struggle today and enjoy tomorrow. As someone has said, the harder the struggle, the more glorious the gain.

Without struggle, there can be no progress. The history of humanity is replete with examples of struggle and triumph. The Israelites struggled for forty years in the desert to get back to the Promised Land.

You certainly know how Christopher Columbus struggled on the sea to find his way to America.

I just read the thrilling story of the struggles of film star Sylvester Stallone before he rose to stardom in the film industry and became a world figure.

What about Nelson Mandela and his struggle which finally took him to the world peak of glory?

Of course, not all struggles bring reward. Some struggle and make it big; but some others struggle in vain. The truth remains, though people may struggle in vain, it is hard d to make it big without a good amount of struggle. Most of the outstanding cases of achievement in life are the fruit of great struggle.

Somebody who tells you that struggle is bad deceives you. Accept struggle as the tunnel through which you must pass to get to your promised land of triumph.

In what way are you struggling at this moment? That could well be your greatest opportunity in life. It could be that God is inviting you through that struggle to claim your greatest blessing; your destiny. Every struggle is an opportunity for triumph.

Do not face your struggle alone. You cannot go far if you go alone. Remember that no General, no matter how brilliant he may be, can fight and win a war alone. Get God on your side. Make him your Senior Partner in your struggle. Go to him always for wisdom, courage, strength, inspiration and motivation. When the future looks bleak and your struggle seems to be leading you Nowhere land, turn to him for guidance, and inspiration and encouragement.

With prayer and faith, your struggle will take you to the mountain top where your trophy awaits you.

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