The other side of anger

How do you see anger? Do you see it as a positive or negative emotion?

More often than not, we see anger as a negative feeling with nothing positive about it. But that is not true. Anger can destroy; but it can also construct.

This means that anger has a negative side and also a positive side. Let us take a look at a few points on the positive side:

  1. Anger can push people to solve problems which otherwise would have remained unsolved.

An example is an issue in the community that makes people angry. Somebody can be so angered by it that he will decide to fight to solve it. If he succeeds, then anger has brought positive results.

Another example is when your rights are trampled upon and you become angry and put down your feet and have the problem solved.

2. Anger can deter wrongdoing. If you know that your boss will be angry with you and fire you if you come late to work or fail to meet deadlines with office work, you will do everything to be punctual and deliver assignments. Thus a boss can use anger as one of the strategies to institute discipline in his office.

3. Anger can save your marriage. If you never get angry, it will be easy for your spouse to behave just any how and that can jeopardize your marriage. But if your spouse knows that you will become mad at any wrong behaviour, the tendency will be to sit up; which will be good for your marriage.

4. Anger can enable you to have self-insight. When someone is angry with you, that can cause you to examine yourself to see if perhaps you have not actually done something wrong. And you may be angry with somebody and later decide to look at yourself to see if perhaps you are not bias somehow. This self look can lead you to change some of your behaviours.

5. Anger can prevent violence. What we are more used to is seeing anger trigger violence. But in some cases, it prevents violence and destruction. The people’s anger about social problem can cause the authorities concerned to look into it and solve it.

6. Don’t suppress anger. Let it out. Suppressing anger can lead to physical or mental illness. Hence, it is better when you let it out.

Anger is a double edged sword. It can cause harm but at times it also helps. Hence, it is not good to see anger only as a negative emotion. It is both negative and positive. Always work to get the best out of your anger; and every anger.

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