Today’s daily prayer 55 for you

Almighty Father, and ever living God;
Before you, we, your children stand,
Inviting you into our lives;
And praying you to drive out every fear;
Every worry and every doubt from our hearts,
Grant us the wisdom
To give our lives
To you not partially,
But in their entirety,
Leaving nothing behind;
Come into us;
Accept each of us this day,
And heal us of all our illnesses;
Accept us as your children;
Strengthen us;
Fill us with your spirit;
Accompany us throughout this day;
Help us to follow your ways;
And free us from boastfulness;
And wrong thinking,
Which keeps us away from you;
Accompany us, O God, wherever we go;
Make us feel your presence.
Change our sorrows to joys;
And our Disappointments
To opportunities;
We can do nothing without you;
Meanwhile, with you,
We can do everything.
A million thanks to you
For your so many blessings;
We make our prayer
Through Christ our Lord,

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