The amazing fruits of encouragement

Do not fail to encourage someone, if you find the opportunity to do so.

Do not minimize any encouragement you give to another.

Your encouragement can be the wings that some one needs to soar high in the sky.

Care not whether or not you are appreciated for the encouragement you give.

Many people lack the gift of appreciation. They will not give thanks if you encourage them and your encouragement lifts them to greatness.

Their ingratitude, however, will not stop God from rewarding you.

God rewards those who encourage others, because they obey his command. You obey God when you encourage others.

It is God’s will that we encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11 and more).

As you are called to encourage others, you are also called to be open to encouragement from others as it will do you much good.

Some people close themselves up and block encouragement from others. This is like closing a door in front of you and yet wanting to get in.

Encouragement has enormous benefits and it is a priceless blessing to have people around us who encourage us.

Encouragement is energizing. It will give you energy to keep going even when the task at hand is difficult.

Someone has likened encouragement to an energy pill. When your energy level is going down, it can bring it to high levels.

Encouragement can greatly boost your self confidence. At times your self-confidence sags. You think you can not do it. You see yourself as inadequate. Encouragement can reverse such self-doubt into self confidence and faith.

Encouragement can lead to hard work, making you step up performance. Good example: if your hard work is encouraged, you will surely be motivated to work hard. If your loyalty is encouraged, you will become even more loyal.

God always encourages us. Jesus encouraged his disciples a great deal and that paid off.

God encourages us to to be steadfast in what is right, knowing he is with us all the time.

Yes, let us encourage one another. Encourage others; and allow others to encourage you. With encouragement, we can do amazing things.


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