Today’s daily prayer for your protection 57

God our Creator, God our Almighty Father,
You who own the whole world,
You who own the entire universe,
You who have all the power,
And can do and undo;
And can do whatever you like;
You who have all the wisdom,
To you, we, your poor children turn;
The sky above our heads is dark,
A heavy downpour we fear is imminent;
Uncertainty and worry are rocking our land and our hearts;
Because the devil has taken over full control;
Evil has submerged us;
O Great Master,
Our tears flow like an ocean,
Our hearts pound like an alarm drum hit so hard,
Darkness has chased light from our motherland,
Hear the seas roaring;
Fierce storms raging;
And the waves like a mountain high;
But strongly rooted in you remains our hope and our faith,
You are our hope,now and for ever;
You are our only hope;
Our mighty reason to hope;
You are our armour and shield;
In your holy hands alone
Is our safety;
You who are Father,
Trustworthy, ever reliable;
You who never fail those who rely on you;
Your word is our assurance,
Your promise is our insurance;
Your fidelity is our
You who always do
As you promise,
Keep your promise Lord;
And rescue us from the grip
Of the Devil,
Whose evil hand is on us;
Keep your children safe
This day;
And all the days that follow;
Send out your army of angels
To fill our streets,
Our quarters, and our homes;
To ensure that all your children are safe.
May all that happens today
Bring joy not sadness to our hearts and whole land!
May everything that transpires
Bring smiles and laughter
To our faces; to all our people, old and young, rich and pour;
Send the devil and his agents running in confusion
And shame to down a pit that never ends,
As a defeated bull,
While we dance with chants
Of victory and joy,
With praises and great glory to your name.
May we have one more reason
To say
Our God is good;
Our God is great;
Our God is almighty;
This is our humble prayer,
On our knees we submit to you;
Through Christ our Lord

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