Determination Renewal

Here and now, this day,
I renew my determination;
You can call it my resolve to win;
To do what I have opted to do;
I am telling myself
And whoever likes to hear,
That I will make it;
That nothing will stop me;
That I will face the challenges;
I will overcome all obstacles;
I will rise each time I fall;
I will persist;
I will keep going even when the going is hard;
And I will reach
My destination;
I know winning is no easy task;
The challenges are galore;
Discouraging moments numerous;
But I wiii cross the winning point;
And I will carry the day;
I will win the trophy.
That is what I am talking about;
I will become victorious;
I will be the champion.
You better renew your determination too;
If you don’t, I am afraid,
You may not make it;
You may not win your trophy;
Without determination,
You may not carry home
Your golden crown;
You will have challenges;
You will be discouraged;
You will stumble and fall;
And if you are not determined,
You will not get up.
You have to be determined;
Very determined;
This calls for constant renewal of your determination;
So, renew your determination.


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