26 Marriage tips

Married couples, as well as people who are intending to marry, need to know that no marriage succeeds on its own. The couple has to work for it to succeed.

If your marriage fails it will be because you and your spouse have failed to do what it takes for it to succeed.

However, it is not an easy thing to know what you must do or refrain from doing for your marriage to succeed.

I will give you a list of what I consider the most important dos and don’ts that can make you marriage succeed:

  1. Love your spouse
  2. Respect your spouse.
  3. Be committed to your marriage;
  4. Pray together as a couple
  5. Pray together before starting any serious discussion as a couple.
  6. Go for common goals in your marriage rather than each person doing their own thing;
  7. Avoid sticking too much to your position in a discussion;
  8. Do not always want to come out as a winner.
  9. Be open to your spouse’s views; and do not take offence being they are different from yours;
  10. Learn to listen attentively to your spouse without trying to stifle her.
  11. Ask for clarification when there is a point that needs clarification;
  12. Always strive for unified decisions;
  13. Do not ignore your spouse;
  14. Do not ask your spouse to handle a matter alone when your spouse asks for your help;
  15. When you have a problem and there is no unity between you, be the first to love.
  16. Dialogue daily;
  17. Make your marriage or couple relationship a priority;
  18. Risk to trust in dialogue;
  19. Rule out divorce. If the idea ever crosses your mind, know that the devil’s at work.
  20. Take every conflict that you encounter in your marriage as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship.
  21. Do not blame your spouse for everything that is not going right in your marriage.
  22. Avoid angry out busts.
  23. Listen attentively when your spouse is speaking to you and avoid interrupting. Do not try to stifle your spouse when your spouse is speaking.
  24. Respect your spouse’s desire for quiet time if you notice that your spouse needs.
  25. Appreciate your spouse often. Let no day go by when you have not appreciated your spouse for one thing or an other.
  26. Touch your spouse tenderly at least once a day to show you love and care.


  1. Which of these tips do you find good?
  2. Which tips do you have to add to these?
  3. Which of these tips are you ready to follow for a better marriage?
  4. Which of these tips would you like to commit as a couple?

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  1. Simple but factual tips that we neglect on daily basis and then look forward to some miracle to make our marriages work. Thanks for the reminder

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