How I like my spouse to be

I like my spouse:

  1. To love me;
  2. To be loving;
  3. To respect me;
  4. To be respecful
  5. To be faithful;
  6. To be honest;
  7. To know how to cook well;
  8. To be clean and neat;
  9. To dress well;
  10. To behave well;
  11. To know how to manage the home wisely;
  12. Not to be extravagant;
  13. Not to be wicked;
  14. To be welcoming;
  15. To have a positive attitude;
  16. To be creative and resourceful;
  17. To know how to apologize when she wrongs me or another person;
  18. To be hardworking;
  19. To love God and be prayerful.
  20. To be modest.

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