The kind of people I like

The kind of people I like:

  1. kind people
  2. Honest people
  3. Humble people
  4. Caring people
  5. People who say ‘I am sorry when they wrong you;
  6. Intelligent people;
  7. Hard working people;
  8. Responsible people
  9. People who keep their promises;
  10. People who respect their word.
  11. People who are not extravagant;
  12. Respectful people;
  13. Considerate people;
  14. Confident people;
  15. Courageous people;
  16. Faithful people;
  17. People who dress well;
  18. Serious people;
  19. Positive people
  20. People who choose their words carefully when they speak.

What about. What kinds of people do you like?


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