Your most precious gift

God created you for success. God wants you to succeed. May God’s plan for your life come true!

May your prayers for the blessings of others be prayers for you!

May you remain strong in your faith and tightly hooked to your creator!

Dear friend, I like us to talk of the precious gift that is your life. This is your most precious gift from God; a priceless gift; an irreplaceable gift.

When you have something that is precious, what do you do with it? I am sure you will value it, use it well, and keep it well, except you are irresponsible.

Usually, people take care of things that are important to them. They protect and preserve them.

A reasonable person will not waste what they consider useful.

Yet, I see a lot of people wasting their lives; not living responsibly. They just throw their life away. This is regrettable. Does it mean they are irresponsible? I am tempted to think so.

Your life is not something to just waste or throw away.

But when you live a reckless life, you are wasting your life or throwing it away. You can easily lose it.

Life is not something to toy with. It is too precious for that. We cannot afford to let it off as we release a balloon in the air. No! We have to take care of it.

We have to be aware of how we waste our lives and ensure that we watch out.

There are many ways we waste our life, perhaps without being conscious of it.

Look at a few:

  1. Spending time worrying instead of acting and getting things done. There will always be things to worry about; but that does not profit us at all.
  2. Fear can paralyse you and make you waste your life.
  3. Paying unnecessary attention to critics and wondering what people are saying about you. That is a way of wasting your life.People will always criticize you. That does not mean you are not doing great. Of course, if criticism is pertinent, we have to pay attention to it. But for what I know, most of the times, the critics are idle, negative people who take delight in pulling down those who are constructing by marketing cheap, unfounded stories. Wherever they look, all they see is the negative. Pay no attention to such people. They are best described as wet blankets. Keep moving forward an upward.
  4. Indecision. If you are not fast to take decisions you will find yourself wasting precious time wondering which way to go.
  5. Wrong decisions. Taking a wrong decision means taking a wrong road. As someone has said it does not matter how fast or far you go on a wrong road, you will never arrive.
  6. Addiction to television and video films.
  7. Browsing. Many people spend all their time on endless chatting on the web. There couldn’t be a better way to waste your life.
  8. Aimless visiting. You come across people who go visiting all day as if they were paid to be visiting.
  9. Complaining. Some people like to complain about everything. Nothing is ever correct to them. They find fault with everything.
  10. Gossiping. The time you spend talking about other people is time you can spend usefully.
  11. Hanging out with the wrong people. Birds of a feather, says the old adage, flock together.
  12. Hate! Ask my view, I would say the world has more than enough hate in circulation. Can’t we love more and hate less? We have a shortage of love, and yet, it doesn’t cost anything to manufacture this precious commodity. Every heart is a love factory and can generate tons of it a day. Keep the engine turning. When you hate, the harm comes back to you. Hence, it is a way to waste your life.

Our list could go on and on. But I think we have made our point.

To go on with our rambling, I would like us to talk about sharing our blessings.

Sharing our blessings is the way to go in life. We have a lot for free. It costs us absolutely zero to share a smile, a hug, a kind word, a word of encouragement, appreciation, gratitude, inspiration, motivation etc. Be a generous person. It’s by God’s generosity that you have them. What we receive for free, let’s pass on freely.

Your faith and confidence in God is the rock of your life. On that solid foundation must your life be built.

If you find yourself in the middle of a storm or battle, however fierce, and you feel desperate, know that you always have an invisible but unbeatable partner by you in every battle; and he is ready to fight and win for you. All that is required is that you turn to him and solicit his help. Ask him to fight for you; to throw his full weight behind you. When you do, trust that though invisible, he will do it an you will emerge victorious.

Your victory will be my joy. When you are involved in motivation and encouragement as I am, you get a lot of joy when you are instrumental in the success of others. You can understand why your success is my joy.

This post is my prayer for you; that God may hold your hand and lift you to the mountain top where your ivory tower is waiting for you.

May all the doors you knock today, wherever you are open to you! May you have countless reasons to smile, to laugh, to be happy!

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