16 Marriage killers and what to do with them

These are feelings, attitudes, words or actions that can nail your marriage and destroy it. You need to know these killers so that you can handle them before they handle your marriage.

  1. Suspicion, lack of trust and jealousy. These three go together. They are very dangerous marriage killers. If you don’t trust your spouse, you will always be suspicious that something is going on behind your back. When you suspect, jealousy steps in. And once jealousy grips you, many things go wrong. Jealousy is a dangerous poison to the mind and kills a marriage like fast poison.
  2. Self centeredness. You care only about your own satisfaction. Once something goes the way you like you don’t care whether your spouse is equally satisfied or not.
  3. A closed up mind. You don’t listen to your spouse. Your spouse does not listen to you.
  4. Competition between husband and wife instead of using their couple power for the good of the relationship and the family.
  5. Poor communication. Good communication is the key to success in marriage. If you learn to communicate well, to dialogue well, you will always sort out your differences and live happily. But if communication does not flow, the marriage is in danger.
  6. Money: poor attitude with regard to money in the family and poor financial management. More problems between husband and wife come from money than from anything else.
  7. Weak faith: Failure to put God at the center of your marriage. Failure to pray for your marriage. If your faith and that of your spouse is weak, or the faith of one spouse is weak, that marriage will hardly do well because you will not put God at the center of your relationship. You will not be a praying couple. If the two of you are strong in your faith, it means you will put God at the center and will be prayerful. Nothing will come between you.
  8. Nagging: The nagging spouse is that spouse who never lacks a complain about the other person or things they consider not to be going well in the family .The nagging spouse is a fault finder. Always pointing out and complaining about the faults of the other person .
  9. Cheating:and infidelity: This is one of the worst marriage killers. It hurts deeply. Once you cheat on your spouse even if it is not discovered, your marriage dies a little .Cheating is a dangerous virus in marriage.
  10. Disrespect : This is another serious marriage killer. It hurts dl to know that your spouse has no respect for you.
  11. Running down your spouse. I have seen people who humiliate their spouses in public. Everyone has their pride. When you trample on them, you hurt their pride and kill something in them.
  12. Fighting: Once you hit your spouse, it is hard for things to be the same again.
  13. Blaming : Blaming is a marriage killer. Some spouses never see their own errors. They only see those of the other person; and like to put the blame on them for what ever goes wrong. This kills the marriage.
  14. Criticizing: criticizing your spouse is another marriage killer. While praise and appreciation build marriage, criticizing kills it especially when the criticism is baseless.
  15. Pride: This is a common marriage killer. Some spouses are full of pride and openly display an ‘I don’t care ” attitude and say if the marriage hits the rocks it means nothing to them. This attitude kills marriage.
  16. Technology. This is fast rising to the number one relationship killer. Browsing and paying more attention to others than to your spouse. What this does is it gradually erodes the love you have for each other. Before you know it, you are just two people living under the same roof but not in relationship. At such moments, you are vulnerable to infidelity, and cheating.

Dear friend, what do you do with these marriage Killers? Look at the questions below.


  1. Do these marriage killers resonate with you?
  2. Which ones resonate the most?
  3. Are you ready to discuss these points with your spouse?

Waiting to hear from you. Thanks for reading!


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