12 true colors of success

When life is booming for you, that is when you need to be very careful. Many people run into trouble, not when the going is hard, but when the going is smooth.

I have seen it happen again and again. Everything will be working perfectly for you and from nowhere trouble will land; not on it’s own but through your own fault.

It may surprise you to hear this. Many people who hear me say this are usually surprised and tend to disbelieve until an explanation is given.

There are glaring examples that can be given. This happens even to couples. You will see couples poor but living very happily as they struggle to improve their lot. But finally, when money comes, instead of them enjoying their marriage more, problems come in and the marriage ends up hitting its head on a rock.

This is how sometimes it happens. A man is poor and is sticking to his wife. He does not go out everyday to drink and get drunk as a lot of other men around him do.

His wife is happy that her husband does not go out to drink and lose control of himself and misbehave like his friends. To her, that is clear proof that he loves her. It makes her happy and he is happy. Both of them are happy.

But it does not take long when the man’s business starts to boom. Money starts to come in. He buys a car. Girls start to take a keen interest in him because he now has money and can provide for them.

That is the beginning of temptation that creeps on until it grips him well. He starts going to drink, stays there and comes back late after having a good time. Can you guess what will happen? Trouble at home. What caused it? Success.

There are people who start to live recklessly when they have money. A man will start moving from town to town to ‘rock life’ because he is rich. He wasn’t doing it before because he was not viable.

Some people have gone out and not returned.

Success sometimes brings pride which often goes before a fall.

It is common knowledge that accidents are more likely to occur on a smooth road than on a rough one.

As you are fighting to grow in your business or job , know that success is good but also a great risk.

Abangshe had one wife. Then when he was appointed Chief of service he started telling his friends he wanted a second wife. When asked what had happened to his wife, he said nothing but he felt ripe for second wife since his salary had increased.

Success has two sides. It can be good and it can be bad.

Men and women of the underworld will not come to visit you and steal from you if you have nothing. They go to where they know they will find money.

Don’t change your lifestyle and start living lavishly because you have succeeded. Money has a way of taking people to the middle of the sea and abandoning them there. If you succeed, you may be tempted to become extravagant. if you allow yourself to fall into that trap, too bad.

Let me give some advice to anyone reading this. Learn to manage success. And you who are married, be very careful with success.

Many people only know success superficially. We don’t know the true colors of success.

Colours of success

Success can be dangerous;
Success can turn bitter!
Success can hurt you;
Success can betray you;
Success can be slippery;
Success can fail you;
Success can rub you in mud;
Success can cause misery;
Success can make you poor;
Success can make you sad;
Success can embarrass you;
Success can disgrace you.

Be very careful
When success comes to you;
Be happy but watch out;
It may have a secret agenda;
Wine and dine with success,
But use a long spoon.

Do not take success for granted. Do not take success at face value. It is such a beautiful thing, and what all of us want but be fully aware of its potential to destroy you. it can let you down. It can disgrace and embarrass you.

It does not mstter who you are. Whether you are the Pope, the leader of your country, a General in the army, a member of Government, a Bishop, a Priest, a Pastor,a Brother, a Sister, whether you are married or unmarried, whether you are a Director or a Chief of Service,be careful when success becomes your bedfellow. Deal with success using a long spoon.


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