Looking for Love

Many Christians are searching for love – that perfect woman or man with all the right qualities. Adam and Eve loved each other from the beginning. Isaac and Rebekah never met each other before they were married, yet their love spread throughout the years. Joseph and Mary, and Boaz and Ruth remained love stories of the generations.

Do you know what all these biblical couples all had in common? They chose a spouse from among God’s people. Our choice in a mate shouldn’t be random nor taken lightly. The decision to love someone forever is a holy covenant. When we share the same faith with a spouse, Christ will strengthen your commitment to each other, better serving Him.

But for Christians who are still looking for the perfect somebody, God is working on you! He is planning your future. Perhaps He is building a transforming love for Him or preparing you for a future spouse. Use your talents and resources to serve God’s calling, and in His ever perfect timing, the pieces will fall into place.

If you are single on this day of romance, Valentine’s Day, do not be sad. Celebrate the love of God, your parents, children, or the love of your neighbors. Open your heart to the Holy Spirit and change your life with His gifts.

One thought on “Looking for Love

  1. As Far as the Jesus
    Gospel Teachings
    God’s People Belong
    To Love But only in
    Truth if God Is Love Now
    It doesn’t take
    A Bible or
    A ‘He’
    To understand This..
    As A Matter of Fact In
    General She’s Are Greater
    Teacher’s of LoVE iN Truth
    A Long Standing Failure
    Of Most all Organized
    By Male Kingly Religions…
    Smiles the Queen is RiSinG
    Is Now
    Her Morning…
    And if you wonder
    Where i get Authority
    From ‘Your Book ‘
    Do Remember
    i Will Do
    Greater Works
    As Love Becomes
    More Truth in Light Now..:)

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