Today’s daily prayer for protection from kidnappers and killers 61

Create clean hearts in all your children O Lord;
Purify all our spirits,
Destroy evil thoughts
From our hearts especially in the hearts of
Those who are planning evil
At this moment.
Remove the evil spirit from the hearts of killers
And kidnappers as well as those who burn and destroy people’s homes and property;
Grant us the grace
To put all our trust in you,
Dear loving Father,
Many of us are afraid of moving out in the night,
And even in the day!
Many are afraid of these kidnappers who seem to be every where;
Protect all those who at this moment are crying to you
For protection from kidnappers;
That they may not be kidnapped;
We pray O Father,
That anyone who has been kidnapped may be treated kindly;
That no kidnapped person may be killed or brutalised;
Grant all kidnappers merciful hearts
So that no kidnapped person
May be subjected to inhuman treatment.
We pray for the peaceful repose of the soul of the innocent seminarian brutally killed by kidnappers in Nigeria.

Teach us your ways
And grant us the wisdom
To follow them so that no one will suffer in our hands;
Make us obedient
To all your commands;
We put our lives into your hands;
With full confidence in you,
Because you never fail
All those who love you.
We want to love you;
We want our faith in you
To be as strong as iron.

Open yourself to us,
And let us into your protective armpit,
To enjoy your abundance of goodness, care and safety
From your warehouse
Ever inexhaustible power;
Open the door to us,
To enjoy the peace
That in your kingdom
is flowing like water in an ocean;

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen!


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