Today’s daily prayer for conversion of our stone hearts 62

God, Almighty Father,
Today, as we start our daily activities,
We pray for a conversion of hearts;
Many of us are hard hearted;
Many of us are inhuman,
Many of us treat others as beasts of burden;
Many of us have hearts
That are made of stone;
And do not resemble human hearts;
We pray O Lord,
That you convert us to you;
May you convert all the agents
of darkness among us;
Convert all the architects of brutality;
See how cruel we are to other humans like us;
Grant us the grace
To always respect the golden rule,
And do to others as we like others to do to us.
We subject our fellow humans to suffering,
Convert us mighty father;
Convert our hard hearts
To soft hearts;
Convert our hate filled hearts
To love filled hearts;
Convert the darkness which we carry in us to light;
Convert all cruel leaders among us to kind leaders;
Please, father, convert us.
Convert the darkness in our land to bright sunshine;
May we all find reason to thank you!
Convert our hate to our love;
Convert the wars going on
in the world into peace!
Convert all dishonest people;
Convert all liars;
Convert all those who promote hate speech among us;
Convert all blacklegs and sell outs;
Convert all those who seek to satisfy their selfish interest
and subject others to sufgering;
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord, amen!

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