What husbands want from wives

I promised to write a post on what husbands expect from their wives.
I think it is so important to know this post. Such knowledge will guide the men, or better still, it will guide many men and also women.

A lot of wives will be better wives if they know what husbands want from their wives.

This will make better couples, and better families, leading to better societies.

If you live in ignorance, you will die in ignorance. If you are enlightened, you will be enlightened.

I will keep to my promise to write this post to enlighten both husbands and wives on this subject.

But I cannot do this alone. I need your help to do it. I need information from you. Let’s write this post together. Many hands make work lighter.

If you know anything that husbands like their wives to be doing to or for them , kindly let me know.

Send that to me as a comment. If you are a man, you can make a good contribution to this topic. What do you want from your wife?

I hope to get many responses.

Thanks in advance for joining me to write a great post.

4 thoughts on “What husbands want from wives

  1. A good husband wants his wife to be his best friend, a friend who will be honest and open and loyal, a friend who will be there through good and bad. He wants a wife who appreciates the things he does for her, because that is how he shows his love for her.

  2. God richly bless you for sharing these inspiring insights with us.
    May God continue to increase you in knowledge to continue impacting lives.
    I have been following your articles and have found out that they are very powerful ones.

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