50 things husbands like to get from their wives

  1. Sex is one thing that all husbands want to get from their wives.
  2. Respect is very important as well. No man takes disrespect from his wife well. Don’t be rude
  3. Affection: Show him affection. Show that you care about him.
  4. Hold his hand in public.
  5. Leave love messages often;
  6. Massage his shoulder as a sign of love.
  7. Give him unexpected kisses.
  8. Tell him how much you love him;
  9. Mind your language.Use loving, and kind and respectful words to talk to him.
  10. Forgiving. Men make mistake and love wives who are forgiving.
  11. Patient: Men love patient wives.
  12. Cheer him up when his spirits are down;
  13. Tell him you’re sorry when you hurt him.
  14. Make Him know you believe in him;
  15. Recognize his talent; and make him know it.
  16. Be supportive. Do not ignore when he is struggling to achieve a dream. Make his dream your dream.
  17. Encourage him to excel.
  18. Make him feel like a man. When he is down, lift him to be a man. Sometimes financial help plays
  19. Make him know you understand him.
  20. Appreciate him
  21. Affirm him.
  22. Compliment him often.
  23. Tell him often how good he looks.
  24. Tell him you admire him.
  25. Accept him.
  26. Do not try to change him by pressurizing him.
  27. Love. Despite his flaws
  28. Let go when you differ. Don’t always try to win and stand as the more brilliant person.
  29. Don’t always push too much for a chat.
  30. Listen to him when he talks. Don’t interrupt to oppose.
  31. Avoid making negative comments about him.
  32. Be considerate.
  33. Be positive.
  34. Stop competing with him and trying to make everyone around know that you are the one calling the shots.
  35. Be honest with him to earn his trust.
  36. Be a friend
  37. Mind how you talk especially if you have an.
  38. Don’t take him for granted .
  39. Make sacrifices for him. Offer presents.
  40. Use kind words to talk to him even when you have a disagreement.
  41. Show him gratitude daily.
  42. Avoid confrontation;
  43. Leave anger aside.
  44. Don’t be extravagant.
  45. Selfless: husbands love selfless not selfish wives.
  46. Husbands love wives who are open. Do not let him be guessing things that concern you.
  47. Be patient. Husbands love their wives to be patient with them.
  48. Hiding to call: Don’t hide to make or answer calls or hide your password from him.
  49. Clean, neat and organized.
  50. Love progress. Many husbands love wives who love progress and work hard for it.

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