Fallen From Grace

God placed before me an obstacle course of challenges to navigate last week. Two individuals felt it imperative to attack my Christian beliefs. As we observe in the world today, many people have fallen from grace while they adhere to the trending fads of social justice. Though I could have tweeted and emailed rhetorical answers, I go forth in the light of God, and write this message. I welcome a good challenge, though, for they are not aware of my history with the Lord.

I investigated a word that rattled in my brain, for there must be some form of justice in my chain of events. It occurred to me God is not just a god of love, but He is “just” – morally right and fair.

Two kinds of justice should be the most concerning for Christians: social and biblical. Much of present-day humanity confuse biblical justice when applying it to our current laws – social justice. So, let me give you some prominent examples.


God created all humans equal in His image and the blessing to be treated with fairness and justice. But, from the beginning of the Bible, mankind rejected God’s principles. Paul, the Apostle, warned of this blight. Biblical justice is only what is right in the sight of the Lord – not man’s laws.

“God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.” Ecclesiastes 3:17

Biblical justice occurs when we see people as God sees them. This spiritual freedom causes us to fully embrace the cause of Christ by joining the community and reconciling others to the Lord. We should not to participate in something for just our own benefit, but for the glory of God.

He calls us to confront evil and to care for the vulnerable, however many people back away from this for fear of losing their life. So, thirty-five million people live in slavery, of some form around the world, because there is no one to save them from the horror. Injustice is rampant, and very few take action to protect the innocent. The news recently broadcast the story of a seventy-seven-year-old man beaten and robbed for a couple of hundred dollars. Did any Christian come forward to help him? Christ’s followers are to “do justice” because Christ came proclaiming justice. It is He giving a voice to the voiceless!

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3


In matters of social justice, we become entrenched in who wronged whom, and who wronged whom first, in an undertone of anger. It spreads division and destruction, as is evident within our current U.S. government. Social division becomes based on the judgment of everyone who does not see things “our way.” The distinction Jesus taught was never about skin color, religious, ethnic, or cultural affiliations or political positions. Condemnation of people blind us to the forgiveness Christ offers us as sinners.

Also, consider this… how many social media lovers refuse to discuss religion with others? Why? Is it the fear of social injustice invoking us to hide underneath the covers? Let’s drop our apprehensions and model Christ’s truth and grace.

Social justice will never represent the law of God passed down by Moses. It is unrighteous and dehumanizing, and the moment we accept it as a way of life, we have fallen from grace.


My answer is, “absolutely!” Upholding our dignity and biblical justice laws, we can become activists for the unborn, the elderly, marriage and family, and religious freedom. It’s not a glamorous feat, but it will quiet and humble the expression of biblical Christian justice.

May we all go out into the world with the spirit of our Lord! Be an inspiration for those who have fallen from grace. Your endeavors will be greatly rewarded!

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5 thoughts on “Fallen From Grace

  1. The post is an excellent discussion of the falling society in which we live. The only real possibility for change is to return to Jesus Christ and what He taught, to return to God and praise His Holy Name, to shun modern morality and follow Scripture and its teachings. Social justice cannot overturn the law of God and if we adopt it as our standard, we have fallen from grace, indeed.

    • Thank you for this beautiful comment! The hatred for others that’s has grown from political division is astounding! People are drawing away from the Bible and taking their own laws for justice. As Christians, all we can do is pray for everyone’s salvation. God bless you!

  2. No Social Justice With Jesus? Perhaps You Are
    Forgetting Turning Over
    Money Tables… If ‘That
    Jesus’ Comes Back
    No Doubt He’LL
    Kick Trump.. His
    Cohorts.. And So
    CaLLeD Christians
    Out of Political
    Office In Church
    That had Nothing
    At All to Do With
    Love But of
    Course If That
    JeSuS Sends ALL
    Those People to Hell
    He Breaks HiS OWN
    Commandment of
    Turn The Other
    Cheek and
    Love Your
    Enemy As Self
    And Neighbor…
    Meanwhile.. A Real
    Jesus was Coming
    Across the Southern
    Border and Some
    ‘Florida Man’ Here
    From the Panhandle
    Calling Himself
    A “Christian”
    Yells Shoot
    Him! “Crucify
    Him” While
    The “Christian’s”
    New Messiah Trump
    Smiles and Says
    Only in the
    Panhandle of
    Florida (the
    New Jerusalem)
    Will You Get Away
    With This.. Smiles
    My FRiEnD.. Christianity
    Is Barely Breathing
    Disgusting AcTually
    On Life Support of
    Fear and Hate
    Overall as the
    Younger Generations
    Are Now Leaving all this
    Hypocrisy Behind And
    The Churches…
    i Still Go Every
    Week only
    To Dance And
    SinG Love More
    Than a Twitter
    Breath oF Fear
    And Hate From
    Their ‘New Orange
    Messiah’ Just for
    The For Giving
    Thanks Giving
    i own As Love that
    ‘They’ will never
    Take away…
    From the same
    Old Damned Social
    Injustice that Crucifies
    Social Justice
    Of Truth in Light
    Of LoVE NoW for
    2K Years… Different
    Actors Same Characters
    Same Old Play
    Barely Breathing
    Remains For Now
    That Will Die
    Without the
    Support of Newer
    Generations ‘Your
    New Messiah’ and
    Followers have
    All But
    Yet again
    Old Worn-
    Out Cross…
    All that’s Left
    Now is Holes
    Who Call
    themselves ‘Right’…
    Not Many Folks
    Will Handle
    In Light
    As Love
    For Real
    Some Still
    Do Mostly
    In No Religions
    But the Love
    Nude Verse
    Far Away now
    From All the
    Deceit of Lies…

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