A great gift from God to humanity through the Church to enrich marriage

If you have not tasted the gift about which I talk here, you may wonder what I will be talking about in this post.

I want to talk about one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity I have come across.

I think we cannot thank God enough for this awesome gift.

Let me explain:

In the year 2005, my spouse and I spent a week end in March in a pastoral Center alongside other couples. It had been hard for me though, to be persuaded to accept the invitation. I didn’t see what good could come out of it because it was about helping us to succeed in our marriage. I had been educating people quite a good deal on marriage on radio as a broadcaster, having read many books on the subject. Hence, in my shower of pride, I considered myself an expert on marriage and should have been invited to teach rather than to learn. Invitations had been served to me for a little more than five years and I started considering anyone who made mention of it a nuisance.

It so happened that in that year 2005, we moved into a new home and met with new neighbours who also newly moved in.

One evening, they visited us as a couple to tender to us an invitation. They were kind and friendly and we could see their desire to get a “yes” from us.

To please our new neighbours and strengthen our already so good relationship, we conceded.

That week end turned out to be an amazing blessing to us. We had had a calm and peaceful marriage quite, but a full taste of marriage came only during that week end. It was a transforming experience. Humility supplanted pride in me.

Before the week end was over, I felt so motivated that it was like I should go to town and invite every couple to attend the next week end.

And in fact, together with the other couples and other couples who had had the experience before us, we got to the field and invited couples. The next week end saw an unprecedented number of couples in attendance. Hence, it was named the Fertility Batch. Ours was named The Triumphant Batch, like the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

That week end, I should have told you, was organized by the worldwide marriage movement called Marriage Encounter.

I consider this movement, whose full name is Worldwide Marriage Encounter Movement, as one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity through the Church.

God who instituted marriage has not left humanity in darkness about how to live this institution.

In the Catholic Church, marriage is a Sacrament. And Marriage Encounter gives all the tools to make it a joy.

Although I had been very interested in sharing ideas to assist couples to be successful in marriage, my interest skyrocketed after my weekend. In Marriage Encounter jargon, that first weekend is called a Marriage Encounter Original Week End.

If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of a Marriage Encounter Week End, scout for where it may be organized in your locality and attend. Later you can thank me.

If you are an encountered person reading this (anyone who has attended a week end is said to be encountered), you may like to share how you felt at the end of the week end.

How has it impacted your marriage?

What do you say to those who have not attended the weekend?

It is pleasing to note that Worldwide Marriage Encounter Week ends are not reserved for Catholics. There is no religious discrimination. Whatever your religion , you will find the tools and tips beneficial to you.

And it is not for married couples only. Bishops Priests, pastors and religious also attend.

You know marriage is the foundation on which society is built. A good world can only come if we build good marriages that will create good families and good communities.

Let us work together to share the tools that make marriage a joy to all couples in the world.

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  1. My parents too where part of the marriage encounter movement and I can assure you all its a life changer. Great article from a great blogger, thumbs up👍

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