Should you kill for love?

I hear about people who kill themselves because a particular person has disappointed them in love.

I find it quite ridiculous.

Is that enough reason to kill yourself?

Take for instance that a boy refuses to marry a girl, should the girl feel so bad as to decide to take away her life?

The same question stands for boys.

I don’t think anyone with a sound mind should do such a thing.

Why should you kill yourself in a world of more than 7 billion people because one person refuses to love you?

Who tells you that only one person is meant to love you in this world?

And who tells you there aren’t better people who can love you?

Don’t you know that there may be thousands of others who are ready to jump for you if you approach them?

Go into the world and approach others. You may find a better love.

By the way, how far are you sure that if you go with the one you are dying for things will turn out well?

How far are you sure that particular person will make a good spouse to you?

You may be dying for someone you will soon regret marrying.

I want to believe that if you are not good enough for someone, that person is not good enough for you.

Don’t waste your life by killing yourself for love.

Don’t even kill another for love. It is a stupid expression of anger.

Pride also comes in. You think you are so great that some one cannot cross your path and go free.

If someone you want abandons you for another, consider the person not good enough for you. Let them go.

God always closes one door to open a better one if only we have eyes to see.

Instead of killing someone go for the better offer that God has for you.

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