Today’s daily prayer for a good day 63

Thank you O loving God,
Thank you our dear father,
Thank you for this week,
Thank you for our lives;
Thank you for our children;
Thank you for grandchildren ;
Thank you for our family;
Thank you for our neighbours;
Thank you for our friends;
Thank you for our coworkers;
Thank you for our partners; Thank you for our teachers;
Thank you for out students.

Help us to think rightly;
Help us to see rightly;
Help us to act rightly,
Help us to love rightly;
Help us to pray rightly;
Help us to desire rightly;
Help us to admire rightly. Help us to be right.

Make us get the right results.
As we go out into the world,
Which has become so complex,
Only you can protect us;
We know we are not alone;
Strengthen us in our faith;
Strengthen us in our trust;
Strengtben us in our love;
Strengtben us in our focus.

Make this day for us all
Exactly as you designed it.
Be at the center of our thoughts
Be our light;
Be in our spirit;
Be our source of confidence;
Be our reason to be bold.
You are our everything;
We make our prayer through
Christ our Lord, Amen!


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