18 Effects of domestic violence

Today, let us look at the effects of domestic violence.

The way some men behave, one would think they enjoyed beating up their wife or wives.

Also some women seem to enjoy fighting with their husbands.

Do you know why I say this? Because some people fight everyday. No single day passes without them fighting or exchanging insults.

I always ask myself: how did such people become husband and wife? Were they tied and given to each other? And must they be together?

I can’t understand why instead of making their time together a joy, a couple will decide to make it a taste of hell.

Effects of violence

What are the effects of violence? There are many. Let us take a few:

  1. Trauma: violence victims are often traumatized.
  2. It can lead to illness;
  3. It can lead to miscarriages for pregnant women.
  4. It can lead to birth defects.
  5. If you are a victim of too much violence, you may lose confidence in yourself , and of course, in your spouse. And for sure, this can be very detrimental to your marriage.
  6. You may look old when you are not.
  7. You will find it a little harder to concentrate at home.
  8. Domestic violence can lead to physical disability. A deformity can come.
  9. You can become depressed.
  10. You mighty develop. negative feelings and attitudes such as hostility, fear, feeling inadequate, jealousy, guilt and suspicion.
  11. The home becomes unlivable because there is no peace.
  12. The home becomes a place of fear.
  13. Disunity sets in.
  14. No harmony in the family
  15. Competition instead of collaboration in handling family issues.
  16. Some domestic violence causes death.
  17. Some people have gone to prison because of domestic violence.
  18. Some people have committed suicide because of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is something to be discouraged. It is necessary for couples to understand what marriage means and each should make an effort to let the marriage be exactly what the founder of the marriage institution designed it to be – a union of two people, husband and wife who become one , and live together in harmony, love and understanding from the beginning to the end.


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