Marital violence is an enemy to marriage

When I was growing up, I used to see couples exchanging blows. That did not go down well with me.

I don’t like when husband and wife fight. But many do.

That is what we call domestic violence. You can also call it marital violence.

Do you know couples who fight?

Tell me what you feel about them.

Fighting destroys the joy of marriage.

You didn’t marry each other to be fighting. Or is that part of your agenda as a couple?

If you love your spouse, and your spouse loves you, don’t fight. If you have been fighting. Please, stop it.

It is shameful for a couple to fight. I think it is also a disgrace.

Imagine a man and his wife fighting!

It is worse when husband and wife make a public show of their physical battles ; which is exactly what many couples do.

I know you may feel bad that I am saying this particularly if you are guilty of fighting with your spouse.

But mind you that my intention is not to humiliate or hurt anybody. It is to encourage all of us to desist from action that can be ruinous to our marriage and family.

Do you know?

Truth be spoken. Fighting is not for couples who have educated minds.

Marital fighting, or domestic violence or marital violence, whichever you choose to call it, is not to be encouraged. It can destroy your marriage before you blink.

And often, people make one big mistake. They think that only wives suffer from domestic violence. That is not true. Men are also victims of domestic violence.

That is not even the issue. The issue is domestic violence is a dirty game. Domestic violence is evil. Domestic violence destroys marriage.

Couples should stay off domestic violence. They should not promote domestic violence.

If you have been promoting domestic violence in your home, I hope you grow up and stop it.

A respectable man and a respectable woman should not be seen or known to be exchanging blows or even just words or rubbing their backs in mud as two angry kids.

Verbal violence

I hope no one goes away from here thinking that domestic or marital violence is limited to fighting.

There is verbal domestic violence as well. When you speak aggressively to your spouse, that is violence.

Threatening your spouse, using insulting or abusive language. In short, when tempers flare up and there is an exchange of words, that is violence.

Other forms of violence

There are many other forms that we don’t need to go into details here. But we can mention silence, ignoring your spouse, refusing to give money, locking your spouse out of the room etc.

Children are also victims

To come back to the victims, at times, the children sufferer more than their parents. And the negative impact may remain with them for many years. It should not surprise you if such children grow up to be violent to their own spouses.

Exchanging words and fighting at home is a very bad example that some parents teach their children.

(To be continued)


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