Shall we make it?

The world in which we live,
So boils with wickedness
And falsehood,
Like oil bubbling in a drum,
That I am at a total loss;
Where gone are the honest ones
Of our century?
Where gone are the living saints of these times?
My faith melts daily in a hypocritical world,
Like snow in the sun;
Or dew on leaves vaporizing
At sun rise;
How my naivety is being stripped naked!
I thought good people still lived with us;
And could sail through the stormy seas of politics
To safe anchor,
In the harbour of honesty,
Like ants hypocrites have invaded our land;
Lies have captured the hearts of God’s people;
Thieves swagger around
Like Lords,
While the innocent are burdened with the yoke of all sorts of torture, manipulation, exploitation and suppression;
Horrors stare us in the eyes;
Our hearts pound with confusion and loss.
Shall we make it?
This is what boggles my mind.


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