Today’s daily prayer for an end to shameless lying 64

Dear loving Father,
The owner of our lives;
Our most powerful architect;
The architect of everything
On earth,
You have blessed us with the tongue,
This is a wonderful gift,
O Loving Father,
We pray you to sharpen this tool,
You know how important it is to us;
With our tongue we interact with our family,
Our friends
Our neighbours,
Our people,
Those we know
And those we don’t know;
Father, you know that
The way we use our tongue
Can make us make or mar,
We pray you to help us
To put an end to shameless lying,
Where we see black
And know it is black
But call it white;
When we kill ruthlessly
And turn around

And put the blame on innocent ones;
Stop the hypocrisy eating us up;
Save us in a a world
Where the innocent are in prison,
While criminals are going about freely;
Teach us O Heavenly King,
To use our tongue
For good not evil;
Help us to use our tongue
To bring people together;
Not to put people asunder;
To bring peace to our people,
And not war.
To spread truth not lies,
To appease minds and hearts
Not intoxicate and set them aflame;
To spread love not hate;
May we use this tongue today
To fish out people
And bring to you,
So that your kingdom may grow!
We make our prayer through Christ our Lord amen!


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