We shall always fight

Fighting is part
And parcel of humanity.
We may fight against
But we cannot be sure
To win.
We must fight
To beat fighting.
But can fighting
Beat fighting?
Man fought
When he lived alone,
To survive;
To eat;
To protect himself
From wild beasts,
And harsh nature.
We shall always fight
Always fight
To survive;
To win
We shall always
Fight for our lives;
Fight for our faith,
Fight for our people;
Fight for our land,
For our marriage;
For our culture;
For our beliefs;
For our convictions,
For our health;
For the truth;
For justice;
Against evil;
Exploitation of man by man;
Cruel, shameless.killings;
Let us fight;
A good fight,
Not a bad fight;
A clean fight,
Not a dirty fight;
A fair fight,
Not a wicked fight.
We shall fight,
And keep fighting
Till the world ends.
God help us in our fighting.

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