Today’s daily prayer to make our trials draw us closer to God 65

Almighty God and father,
You are a loving father,
You made the world so beautiful,
And handed it over to us,
You intended us to enjoy it;
But we have messed it up,
And continue to do so;
You know how to turn bad situations into good;
Continue to help us O Father,
To transform the evil
Destroying us into good;
Grant us the Grace to persevere in our effort;
Guide us not to stumble
On the stumbling blocks
On our way,
But to stand on them
So that we may see further;
We continue to face trials,
Make them draw us closer
To you.
We offer you our hearts this day O Lord,
Help us to live the faith
In truth and charity;
Help us to build our belief,
To be strong and solid;
May we love you more
Than all else;
You know our needs;
You know our problems;
You know our challenges;
You know our weaknesses;
We hand them all over to you.
Open the way for all your children crying to you;
Among us are people who are very ill at this moment;
Touch them with your healing hands and restore their health;
Also with us are people who are in serious financial problems,
Give them a solution, O Lord,
Because on you alone they depend;
Great God, Master of all the universe,
Our words are not enough to praise you;
We are insignificant,
But in your loving kindness
And compassion,
You pay attention to us.
Thank you God.
Thank you sweet God;
Thank you most loving Father.
To you, through Christ our Lord, we pray,

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