Today’s daily prayer for our new Chief Shepherd 67

Mighty is your name O Lord,
Great are your works;
We have reason to praise your name;
And express gratitude to you;
Thank you for our New Chief Shepherd;
Our new Archbishop;
Bishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea,
Who, in your wisdom,
It has pleased you
To give us;
To take possession of our Archdiocese in accordance with your plan;
A good reason to honour you;
To adore you;
To glorify your name;
No one is mightier than you;
You keep us happy;
Even when we are sad,
When our tears are rolling down as now in this land,
You know how to wipe them;
We will, forever, praise you;
You are worthy of praise,
And all the honour
That you get,
No honour and praise
Can be too much for you;
Ever this day O Lord
In your mightiness,
You stand on our side
You put smiles on our faces;
Those sweet smiles
Like honey,
That come only from you;
Mighty gift, you have given us;
A new chief Shepherd;
Our new Archbishop;
Archbishop Andrew Nkea;
A gift so special to us;
We put back in your hands o Lord,
You best know to take care;
Bless him;
Protect him;
Care for him;
Equip him;
Grant him all the graces
To deliver the goods in your vineyard,
As in your divine plan,
So that your name shall ever be glorified;
This prayer, we make,
Through Christ our Lord,


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