The new Bishop of Mamfe

The new Bishop of Mamfe;
The new Chief Shepherd
Of Mamfe,
The new Pastor
Of the one family Diocese
Of Mamfe,
Do you know him?
Anxiety is rife;
All want to know
Who is that favoured one?
He is unknown;
For now, God alone knows;
But he can be no other
Than a Shepherd of great qualities;
A dedicated and devoted fisherman;
Who has proven his worth
In the eyes of the Lord?
In his divine wisdom,
With his unfathomable mind,
God alone knows;
He alone makes the choice;
From among his shepherds,
He calls the Chief Shepherd,
The choice is his;
Yes, the Chief Shepherd
For the Diocese of Mamfe.
Is somewhere among us
In the Holy Catholic Church;
He is among many;
The one on whom God’s hand
Is placed;
You cannot know
Even if at this moment
You are looking at him;
God alone will tell the world,
At his chosen time;
Through the signatory power
Of the Holy Father,
Let us pray
That this choosen one
Will best please the Lord;
That this chosen one
Will best deliver the goods;
That under his leadership
The Gospel will courageously
Continue its journey
Throughout the territory
Of the Diocese of Mamfe.
Almighty God,
Thank you immensely
For the new Bishop of Mamfe,
Who you have already chosen
in heaven;
May you grant him all the graces he needs,
The wisdom, good health,
Stamina, courage and passion
For the spread of the gospel;
The times are challenging
With many uncertainties;
Only you can protect him.
into your hands, we commit him
All the rest of his life;
This is our prayer
Through Christ our Lord, Amen!

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