Today’s daily prayer 70 for God’s favour

Dear friend wherever you are,
We are at the start
Of the Lenten season;
A season of more intense prayer, fasting and almsgiving;
The Lord invites us today,
And throughout this season,
To get closer to him;
And our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ,
As we recall his intense suffering with his cross
on the way to Mount Calvary;
He invites us to look into ourselves daily
And reconcile ourselves to Him;
Let us beg Him to purify
The world;
We are sinning too much;
Despite his suffering
And death for us;
We have gone so far in sin
That we are completely lost;
We don’t know what to do;
On our own, we will only go deeper into sin;
Only by His grace
Can we come out of sin;
Let us beg him to generate love in our hearts,
To replace the hatred
That has taken us hostage;
As we live the passion
Of our Lord,
Let us pray for one snother;
For the things that God has prepared for us
To live a good life;
Let us pray for more of his blessings on us;
I pray for you;
I pray that everything
May be in your favour today,
Starting from sunrise
To sunset!
May this day be
An amazing day for you!
May the gates
Of heaven’s store
Of abundance open
And bring to you
A downpour of blessings
So that when the time comes
For you to give back to Him,
You will have enough
To give with a joyful heart!
May you not face
Financial hardship
Throughout this day!
May you have
More than enough
To keep you going today!
May you make
Many people smile today!
May you be loved!
May you be appreciated!
May you enjoy God’s favour!
May all the angels
And saints of God
In heaven be for you!
May the light of the bearer
Of light shine on you,
And light up your path!
May you grow stronger
In your faith today!
May your love for God
Surpass every other love
You have!
May you be free of anger!
Be more composed;
More understanding;
Tolerant and forgiving!
May the things you desire,
But which seem impossible
Become possible!
May all the stumbling blocks
On your way
Turn into stepping stones!
May the good things
In your life multiply
While the bad things
Diminish this day!
If you are in business
May your business flourish!
If you are into sales,
May your sales sky rocket!
For those in school,
May you be protected
From the evil hands
Of bad school administrators!
Bad students and teachers!
May you obtain all that
Your heart desires;
May this day be the day
The Lord has made!
May you pray and pray;
May the suffering of the Lord
On the way to Calvary
And his death on the cross
Not go for nothing
As far as you are concerned!
May you enjoy all the blessings
And graces of this season!

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