The monster we must stop

There is a monster we must stop
The monster killing us;
The monster devouring our people;
The monster responsible
For all the destruction;
The burning of houses,
The slaughtering
Of men, women and children;
That monster
Is the devil incarnate;
And if not stopped,
We are finished;
We are all finished;
Destruction will continue;
It will intensify;
It will expand;
It will take greater dimensions;
He will devour everything;
That monster
Will gulp us down.
That demon;
That monster
Will sweep us off,
And drown us all,
As would a river let loose
On a mountain top;
That monster is Lies;
Fathered by Satan;
Devil Incarnate;
He wears a coat of many colours;
Blatant Lies;
Shameless Lies-telling;
Lies without blinking;
Lies in broad day light.
Yes, we have built him;
This monster called Lies.
One by one
He is devouring us.
Soon we will be wiped off
From the surface of tbe earth;
Shall we allow that to happen?
The custodians of the truth,
The journalists,
The men of God,
Have been held hostage
By the father of Lies;
And now they carry lies
On their heads;
What shall we do?
One option alone we have:
To say no to lies-telling;
A vehement no to Lies;
No to ‘zero mort’;
Either we kick out lies
Or lies kick us out.
Whoever lies must stop,
Or is made to stop.
Lies is the monster
We must stop.
The monster drowning us.

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