Dear leader, examine yourself

The leaders I see,
Where are we going?
Who are the winners?
The dictators or the democrats?
Dictatorship or democracy?
Why are they like this?
Why are these great leaders
Doing this?
Preaching virtue
And practising vice;
What a people!
On each other,
They sling mud;
Stones and mud they throw
On anyone opposed
To their interest?
Nothing to do with being right
Or wrong;
Interest and interest alone;
Be on their side,
They find everything
Good about you;
Shift to the opposing side,
They find everything
Bad about you;
You throw mud on me,
I throw mud on you;
The same person is an angel
To some,
And a devil to others;
Are the ideal people
I have so much admired
Over the years
The ones doing this?
Where is their honesty gone?
Where is their objectivity?
Where is their fairness?
When I am the judge
I call you
A criminal and sentence you
Because you belong
To a different camp;
When your friends becomes
The judge
He dicharges and acquits you;
You are no longer criminal,
But inmocent;
Its stomach alone
That makes you criminal
Or innocent;
Where are the values?
Is the sanctuary of democracy
Still the haven of democracy?
What is lurking
In the shadow
With an ugly head
Like dictatorship
Testing the ground?
What I see is not
The dream world of values
That I knew;
The land of opportunity;
The defender of justice;
Human rights and freedoms,
Defender of equal opportunities
For all;
Does light become darkness?
Leader of the free world;
Champion of democracy;
Shall the light of the world
Become its darkness?
What the world needs
Is not darkness but light.
Don’t give us darkness;
Give us what we need: light.
Dear leader, examine yourself.

One thought on “Dear leader, examine yourself

  1. When goodness is unable to win over the hideous miasma created by the sophists, goodness doubts itself. It changes the tack so as to find new ways to tackle the preternatural behavior. If the goodness is not standing four-square on the ground, it falters and takes refuge in aporia. Without realizing, goodness transforms itself into a Manichean casuist. The evil wins the war, there and then.

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