Spending time alone, Time stops, Where did it go, I look at the clock, I got potatoes in the pot, Still hard as a rock, I can’t wait to eat chocolate, Sit down and watch tv, I got money in my pocket, I don’t wanna sound sleazy, Pressing the charger into the socket, I am going to watch netflix, Tinder got me looking, For the next door chick, I am waiting for my food, Listening to biggies greatest hit’s, I am on the Tupac diss, It’s a picture of a fist, I keep my hands in a twist, I am ready to eat, I got beef in my fridge, I forget about time, Cause I got what I need, Potatoes are almost ready, I am glad I am going to eat, It’s something about working out, That keeps your mind clear, I have some carrots and brussel sprouts, I am going to cook them up, Then I am all out, One moment pass by, in a blink, I don’t like keeping the water running, But now my mind goes in the sink, I see time shrink, It disappears so quick, Still I am happy not sick, I am dumbglad, I know I have a plan, like2read

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