God’s Intervention

Before July 2009, my life was trials of tribulations that polluted my inner soul. But today, I’m making wonderful memories under the watchful eyes of the Lord Jesus. How did a miracle save my life? How do miraculous incidents occur, and are they real?

As I go into uncharted territory, let’s look at those involved in near-fatal accidents. Perhaps a soft voice told the victim to hold on, or an unknown soothing touch of a hand cradled their head while assuring help is on its way. This happened to my wife in her car accident. Some people proclaim they met a man in the light of a tunnel. Others are pronounced dead when someone told them to go back because it wasn’t their time. Was this a man, or an angel, or the same person in all the above cases? Was it God’s intervention in these lives?

I often hear deists, and even some Christians say, “There is no such thing as miracles. Is it just something written in the Bible, or only performed when Jesus was alive?” How many unexplained events happen in the world today? Who made them happen? Was it just a fluke, or do you think you have a better scientific explanation?

Miracles didn’t stop after the Bible was written! They happen every day, and we read about them in the newspapers and social media. God can only perform these supernatural acts, not humans.

The New Testament translates miracles as signs that God uses to point to Himself. Some examples in the Bible include:

The blind were made to see (John 9:1-7), and the lame to walk (Acts 3:1-10). They became followers of Jesus.

The resurrection of Christ became the basis of Christianity.

Jesus turned water into wine (John 2:1-11).

Jesus’ light blinded Saul of Tarsus and became God’s Apostle.

Jesus calmed a ferocious storm on the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 8:23-27).

The miracles of Christ were never denied during early Christianity. Even ancient enemies admitted that Jesus did certain extraordinary deeds as an intervention. John said Jesus did so many “works” that the world could not contain the number of books should all of them be recorded (John 21:25).

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Miracles are God’s way of communicating with mankind, and they remain so in today’s times. He puts in place a miraculous act to draw you closer to Him. I know it’s hard to conceive, but the Lord can rescue the insignificant, such as myself, and make him His servant. Many people share their personal experiences of being anointed to do God’s holy work, especially after He worked a miracle in their life. Yes, miracles still happen!

We are nearing Easter, the holiest event in Christianity. Jesus hung on the cross, accepting our sin, but he rose from the dead three days later. This was the greatest miracle because, against all the odds, He rose from the dead. His disciples and others encountered Him during His ascension of forty days. His resurrection gives all people hope their suffering will lead to joy.

Are you so focused on the problems of this world, or your life, that you are missing out on the greatest joy you will ever receive – one of His miracles? Maybe the Lord sees you floundering and knows you need a sign. Do not close your eyes, for He is always watching and there to protect you.

A Special Prayer:

Today, as a nation, we pray to you, Father, for an intervention. We’ve come to pass where an Ebenezer is our hope, and only Your grace can save us, Lord. Though the storm clouds deter the heavens, we know in our heart You hear us calling for help. We need a miracle, Lord Jesus! Give us a miracle and protect us from the pandemic spreading across the world. Amen.

God’s intervention is our hope today.

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  2. Just Remember (if you will)
    What so many Christians Seem to Never See or
    Believe They Really
    Can And Will Do
    As ‘John 14:12’
    Clearly States
    If You Really Believe
    Now! You Will Do Greater
    Works! Than
    Jesus..! God Yes!
    Full AuthoRiZaTioN!
    In Deed! Imagine!
    A Church!
    A Temple
    Of God!
    Where This!
    IS! A Top Verse!
    Achievable.. Yes!
    To Be Now.. Imagine!
    Writing An 8
    MiLLioN Word
    Longest Epic
    Long Form Bible Poem
    In the History of Humankind
    Dedicated to Heaven
    Within The Lesson The
    Law of Love For All (God)
    The Story of
    JeSuS Brings!
    iMaGiNE Public
    Dancing Now
    13,000 Miles
    God Yes! Reaching
    Age 60 Doing it
    Naked too!
    In The
    Of Writing
    80 Months
    In Holy
    As ‘Prophets
    Of Old’ Celebrating
    The Temple of God
    That is Nature Free
    As Us As These Featnotes
    And Ongoing Milestones
    Come To Fruition on
    4.18.2020.. 6 Days
    After Easter! iMaGinE!
    Being Diagnosed
    With Autism Decades
    Later After Not Speaking
    Until Age 4…
    Yet Catching
    Up and Surpassing
    Works of Jesus in
    Only this
    As the
    Fits though the
    Needle in Victory
    As Nike Suggests
    i Just Continue
    To Just Do IT
    As The
    Spirit! of
    God in Me
    Is No Try only
    Just Do It Now..!
    Smiles My FRiEnD!
    The only Judgement…
    Do or
    Do Not.
    So Many
    Other Creative
    Options Holy Spirit
    Of iMaGiNaTioN In
    Flow River
    Of God’s
    Eyes Within
    BRinGS Now to
    This Table of Plenty🌍🌳🌲

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