Give it some thought

There are people who are giving the corona virus crisis good thought.

They are reflecting about it, asking and answering questions and drawing conclusions.

They want to learn something from what is happening.

They want to get meaning out of it.

They want to draw some lessons which can benefit them and probably others.

What about you?

There are many people also who are not giving the whole thing any thought.

All they do is talk about it , read WhatsApp messages, laugh, exclaim or scream as the case may be, and then move on.

They do not try to make any meaning out of what is happening.

They do not try to see if God is talking to us.

If there are lessons from it that can benefit them.

I think it can be useful to take some time to think about all that is going on and see what you can get out of it.

This virus has not come to us for nothing. It has a purpose.

If we don’t read well, we may not know where it is taking us.


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