You don’t leap

You don’t leap
Like a frog;
From the bottom
To the top.

You don’t leap
Like a frog
From darkness
To light.

You don’t leap
Like a frog
From oblivion
To stardom.

If once in a while
It does occur,
That does not make it
A rule.

Success won’t come
In a day;
Let alone come
On day one.

So why hope for it;
You could start
On day one;
But that is not enough.

It won’t give you
An A grade,
Great is your mistake
If you think it will.

To start work on day one,
That is the ideal;
It tells the world
You are ready for the job.

But, you must go beyond
To let the world know
You can do it
Do it and excel.

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