Focus on target

It doesn’t matter what happens, let your eyes not go off your target.

Stay in the game if you want to score a goal; and stay focused.

When the sun is shining, focus on your target.

Whether rain is drizzling or pouring hailstones, focus on your target.

In bright daylight, focus on your target.

In stark darkness, focus on your target.

That is the secret of the great achievers; call it their lever. It is what makes them great achievers.

The moment you start dancing forward and backwards, that is when success starts to slip off your hands.

Vacillation does not favour success.

Undoubtedly, you don’t want success to slip through your fingers. You want victory. You want to win the championship.

Whatever is your goal at this moment, stay on it until you achieve it.

Anyway, you can change if you are sure it is not the right goal for you.

But that should be a matter of conviction. Be convinced about what you are doing. Then go on and exert all of your energy, wisdom and skills.

Do not forget that nothing worthwhile comes easily in life. As said in common parlance, it is never given on a platter of gold. You have to go grab it.

It may take time; in fact, it will take time; but unless you quit, it will come.

Stay on! Stay on focus! Concentrate! God is on your side. You will make it big.

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