Are you proud of what is yours?

A lot of people in this world who would have been happy are not happy.

Do you know why?

They waste precious time rejecting or disliking what God has given them instead of embracing, liking and making the most of it.

Here, I am thinking of people who hate their skin colour and wish they had a different colour.

It worries and even angers them that they have the skin colour they have.

There are people who hate their height especially if they are short. They wish they had been tall.

Since they are not tall, they are ashamed and get angry with anyone whom they think is looking down on them because of their height.

Some children hate their parents or feel ashamed of their parents. It may be because they are peasants, are not literate or are poor.

Some parents hate some of their children because they are disabled or not brilliant in school or not hard working.

Some people hate or feel ashamed of their spouses perhaps, because they are poor, not literate, old etc.

Those who do this miss a very important point in life. The people you have in your Life are not your choice, but God’s choice for you.

Your skin colour is chosen by God for you. Same goes for your height, your appearance, the type of eyes you have, the shape of your mouth, your nose, your ears.

Your children are chosen by God for you.

Your parents are made your parents by God not by you.

You may think you are the one who has chosen your wife or your husband, and may be blaming yourself for making a wrong choice.

Let me tell you. You are not the one who took the final decision. It’s God who did it for you. It’s God who has given you the one you call your husband or your wife.

You may ask where then is man’s freedom to choose. Yes! We are free to choose but God accepts or rejects our choice if we decide with him.

If we decide with God, our decision will always be the best because it will have his visa; and having his visa is the same as giving the final go ahead; or actually taking the decision.

It’s God who has given you the job you have; your colleagues; your leaders; your followers. It’s God!

When you spend time hating, disliking, rejecting these people in your life, you do yourself a great disservice. You create unnecessary stress in you. You work against God’s plan for your life.

God has a plan for you. And puts people in your life to help you succeed.

In your limitation of understanding of God’s divine ways, you instead take the wrong direction by hating what he has given you.

To reject what someone has given you is to reject the giver. Thus you reject God when you hate your skin colour, your family, a friend, your spouse, your colleague, your leaders, your country etc.

Instead of hating what God has given you, such as your parents, your children, your husband or your wife, your country, be proud of them and thank God for them.

Take note that if you are proud of your skin colour, others will respect your skin colour. If you hate your own skin colour, others will take advantage of it and look down on you because of your skin colour.

I have seen a man with a wife who has a serious physical disability but he is so proud of her that she has come to be highly respected by his friends and neighbours.

I also know a young woman with a doctorate degree who is married to a taxi driver but is very proud of him and they are a very happy couple. The man is highly respected among his friends. In fact, he has become a big business man.

It is not the level of education or position that defines a person. It is character. A man with creativity who is hard working and ready to go out and do things but is limited by learning or finances may be better than a highly learned person who lacks initiative, creativity and willingness to try out things.

I know if you get married to someone below your educational level and are weak minded you will easily fall victim to people who try to make fun of you, but that will be a big mistake on your side. Be proud of the one God has given you. Help to build him or her. If you do it well, soon the people who were laughing at you because of him or her will be the very same people who will admire you because of him or her.

Do not hate what God has given you. Do not be ashamed of what God has given you. Look deeply and you will see something in what God has given you to be proud of.

You are definitely more blessed by what God has given you than you are aware.

I thank God for your parents whether rich or poor.

I thank God for your skin colour. That is the best skin colour God could have given you.

I thank God for your country whether rich or poor. God knows why he chose that country for you.

I thank God for your spouse, handsome or ugly, old or young, working or not working; that is the best person in this world for you.

I thank God for your height, and your physical appearance. That is what God has given you and his works are all excellent.

Love what is yours and be proud of it.

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