Final Considerations for the Coming ‘New Normal’ [Video]

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The last segment of the previous piece in this series cautioned preparation for further encroachments upon individual liberties in the continuing response to the threat of the Chinese Communist Party caused pandemic of COVID-19. The final part of this series focuses upon some large overall threats, not from the virus, but from the Left’s political ambition to gain even more power over the rest of us.

This may seem like an extreme claim to some, but it is not. In fact, the evidence easily supports such a claim and more, as will be seen. With that in mind, here are some final considerations concerning the Leftist government figures and media apparatus that supports them.

Beware of the Leftist push for continuing the ‘lockdowns’

Inset. Left has been aggressively pushing for continuing the ‘lockdowns’ in various states. In some, the state authorities are merely declaring that these draconian “stay-at-home” orders must be extended without any end date in sight.

These mayors and governors and others are being supported by the Leftmedia machine who keep telling us, both in America and around the globe, that the ‘lockdowns’ must continue or else we are doomed. What began seemingly as a necessary short-term cessation of activity in the name of “following the science,” has become a grasping for power and control of the population.

The mantra of “following the science” is still mouthed by the Leftmedia and their allies, but the actual data that has been gathered over the last two months reveals that if we were really “following the science” the ‘lockdowns’ would have ended at least three weeks ago. You see, the actual data tells us many things contrary to what the public health officials have been claiming with one gratuitous exception.

We have known almost from the beginning of knowing about the pandemic that those in the greatest danger from this virus are the elderly. The numbers now show us that the failure to focus upon this aspect of “the science” has reaped a death toll that is approaching half of all the cases in America!

Moreover, the newest data from the state of New York reveal a startling fact, most startling to those advocates of continued ‘lockdowns’ in the country. Something strange has also been revealed specifically in New York. In his press briefing of May 6, 2020, Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that according to the hospital records, even though more than 90% of people are honoring the lockdown requirements, the numbers of people who are hospitalized with COVID-19 show that,

18% come from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities but 66% of the people were at home…disproportionally older, but by the way, older starts at 51.

In other words, in the state of New York, two out of three cases of COVID-19 serious enough to be hospitalized came from the people who were staying at home in obedience to the state overlords! It is past time to abandon this strategy not only in New York but everywhere else as well.

It is now clear from studying the numbers around the world that the ‘lockdowns’ made little or no difference in the spread and certainly not in the lethality of the virus pandemic. Sweden is perhaps the best example of this as they never did the ‘lockdowns’ and the data show that they are no worse off than most of Europe and actually are in better shape than places such as Italy and the United Kingdom that did the ‘lockdowns.’

Dr. Neil Ferguson, the man upon whose model the world economy was virtually shut down has proved both horribly wrong with his death predictions, and a hypocritical liar who used his own ‘quarantine’ to hide his affair with a married woman. Oh and just by the way, he is also a hardcore Climate Change enthusiast befitting the profile of the typical Leftist ‘elitist.’

Beware of the Leftist promise that this is only to keep us safe

Inset. pandemic panic began with the first promise fostered in America by the inaccurate predictions of the aforementioned Imperial College professor, the lockdown for 15 days to “flatten the curve” of the spread so that our hospitals and health care system would not be overwhelmed with cases of COVID-19. President Trump, under tremendous pressure by the “experts” both here and around the world, then extended the nationwide lockdown until April 30, leaving the states to determine their own timelines thereafter.

This attempt amounts to a quarantine of those who are not sick along with those who are ill. Reaching back to primitive civilization, it has always been the sick who were quarantined away from those who were well.

The biblical rule was a separation of the ill person from the camp for 14 days, not a lockdown of everyone in the camp [Lev. 13:1-6]. The promise from the Left that all this is necessary ‘to keep us safe’ from the virus runs literally contrary to everything we’ve known and practiced until two months ago!

Therefore, it should not be too surprising to discover that the continuation of the lockdowns is causing more harm than good, and endangering far more people than it saves if it is saving anyone at all! One need only examine the astronomical unemployment numbers to recognize that 30 million people without the means to support themselves or their loved ones are in immediate danger from the government policies and not from the pandemic.

Worse yet, these same people are not being allowed to leave their homes unless it is to go to places approved by the government. This fosters despair and discouragement accompanied by an increase in spousal and child abuse as well as suicides, and that problem will increase the death toll.

Moreover, what of our healthcare system in the wake of these extreme measures? Instead of being overwhelmed with virus cases, some hospitals are sitting almost empty, and even in the worst-hit state of New York, the need for hospital space is not nearly as critical as was predicted.

Yet, few are talking about the fact that this all-out push to make hospitals treatment centers for COVID-19 has resulted in fewer people getting procedures done to alleviate issues such as cardiac disease, cancer, and strokes, either because some of these have been declared “elective” procedures, or because the fear-mongering by the Leftmedia has persuaded them not to go to hospitals at all.

Neither the government nor the Leftmedia can keep anyone safe without someone or a lot of someones paying a severe price. If the Left has its way, that price will be paid by the common citizens and it will be the forfeiting of liberty in America and anywhere else this phony bargain of giving up freedom for security takes place.

Beware of the Leftist pursuit toward a totalitarian state

Inset. very astute observer of the current situation in our culture writes the following from the website “Intercessors for America.”

A sense of social responsibility has entered our culture like I have never witnessed. Have you seen mask wearers at the grocery store look condescendingly at the non-mask wearers?  There seems to be a new breed developing of those who choose the good of the collective state and feel a sense of righteousness for their views and choices. If this choice of the collective over individual freedoms continues unstopped, we will be headlong into socialism and not even realize it! This super social responsibility is fueling a perceived obligation that government is our ONLY provider for safety.  Christians who have a biblical worldview (and many don’t) should question the unchecked willingness of people to obey any authority other than the God of the Bible.

A moral elevation of the “collective” over the “individual” is indeed a very dangerous path to trod. That attitude plays right into the Left’s agenda to convert us into a Socialist nation.

Moreover, the Left is united in this cause in the areas of the media, big business, and political power. Enormous pressure is being applied to ensure that the nation knows that the state alone can give or take away freedom and that they will brook no dissent against their plans.

This union of businesses, government, and the media from the Left means to transform the United States of America into a government much like, well, like China who gave us the pandemic plague. The media is especially hyped for this opportunity to tell us that our constitutional republic is wrong, immoral, and outdated.

The writers of The Atlantic article mentioned in the video are not the only media mouthpieces who believe and encourage this. The New York Times editors seem quite comfortable praising the Chinese Communist response to the virus and criticizing America’s response in turn.

However, those in the Leftmedia are not very eager to share some of the more grisly details that emerged from the “Chinese model” response that they embrace. A former dissident who escaped from China in 2012 reported on videos that he had obtained shot in February 2020, by some very courageous journalists.

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, a blind scholar and Nobel Peace Prize nominee who escaped from house arrest and found asylum with the United States in 2012, wrote about China’s authoritarian response to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak at the Washington Post last week. One of the charges he leveled in the article is that people suspected of infection in Wuhan are being welded into their homes by the authorities, their doors and windows sealed with metal bars so they cannot escape.

The enthusiastic praise of the Chinese Communist Party also routinely fails to mention that once they discovered the danger of this virus they allowed travel from the epicenter in Wuhan to other countries, but not to other places in China! This is in addition to lying about the transmission of the disease from human-to-human contact through December of 2019 and January of 2020.

It almost seems as though a good portion of China’s strategy was to make sure the rest of the world got a hefty dose of the pandemic while they imprisoned their sick and punished those few brave souls who spoke out against them. This is totalitarian power on display and the Left is praising and practicing much the same in cities and states throughout America.

Our coming ‘new normal’ should bring back much of the old, pre-COVID-19 ‘normal’ and add extra precautions against the more dangerous virus of Marxist/Socialist thought the Left so cherishes. Lovers of liberty must beware of these purveyors and promoters of collectivism else the longest-running national government of, for, and by the people will indeed perish from the earth.

See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.  Colossians 2:8 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

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  1. So we all know that even through the states went on lock down people still went out for different reasons, such as food, medication, seeing a doctor. I got the virus myself it was mild and it was because I have seen my friend outside of Wal-Mart who was in the ICU and her sister died of the virus, unfortunately there are some people who don’t care, it is before we have any symptoms that we are contagious to others, people need to think of others inside of themselves always. This virus comes out of no where and it hits you hard when it does. I am glad we went on lock down, and I would be glad to do it again in the future, where I am we are still on lock down and I am okay with that. And by the way I have a daughter who is chronically ill was in the hospital because her autoimmune disease is effecting her heart, it was hard for us not to be able to be there, but we understood the reason.

  2. THere is No Use in Lying.. THere is Also A ‘Bad Cop Jesus’
    Even in the New Testament If Poetry is to be taken Literally
    As It is used to Harm folks already.. The Stories
    of Jesus that Promote Not sitting next to
    The Adulterer at Church.. the Jesus
    Who missed his ‘Appointment’
    And Believes that Pigs
    Are Demon Filled
    Sending Innocent
    Animals of God to Death off
    A cliff For God of Nature No
    Good Reasons at all but even
    ‘Conspiracies Theories’ then.. And
    True The Ignorant Jesus Who Blames
    Wolves For Consuming Sheep Then When
    We Domesticate Sheep.. Hold them Prisoner
    For Free Meals for Wolves Yes in deed slaying
    those who do not believe as you do the same old
    Charismatic Leader Story of Turning You Against all
    Your Loved ones and only believing in what you have
    to say.. yes.. Ignoring Funeral Rituals that Help Folks Grieve
    Just be smug and say let the Dead Bury the Dead.. and yes
    the Jesus who Promotes Carrying a Sword Instead of an Olive
    Branch of Forgiveness and Love.. True.. the one who will send
    you to an Eternal Lake of Trump Firing if You don’t bend
    your Knee to Worship a Man as God… And True as far
    As The Poor Goes Bring On The Expensive Oils
    For Washing and Massaging Desert Ridden
    Feet.. For The Poor Will Be Always Just
    Ignore them like they never
    Exist At ALL but True Love
    Do You Have Empathy Do
    You Have Compassion Do You Understand
    That Other Folks Walk and Crawl now in much
    Different Shoes than you for you say you stand
    For Life even When Young Mother’s Are Mentally
    Ill.. So Poor Without a Crumb to Eat so you would rather
    Have them Starve their Young Children More than the
    Sacrifice They Feel they have to make to Secure
    Subsistence for Life.. Do you see the Slippery
    Slopes of Life All the Dark and Light…
    The Reality of All that is God that
    Is true you could make up
    A Horned Creature and
    Even Call that
    An Evil
    Devil And Blame the Dark on that
    Yes.. If You Missed your ‘Appointment’ too…
    And Even More so now you could wait longer for
    Heaven and Never Seek and Find that inheritance
    Now instead of Waiting for Ashes as We All Will
    Return to Star Dust Again.. Smiles my FRiEnD THere
    is only one real Answer HeaR Pick up a Pen Do
    John 14:12 as they already F’ed up Yes An
    ‘Original Jesus’ So Literally inconsistently
    That Jesus
    Will Be
    or Crazed
    Demon still now..
    of course if we take
    Literally what is Poetry and
    Don’t see the Deeper Metaphors
    Within.. of course the Black And White
    Literal Minded may never understand but
    True God Doesn’t Have to be Fair God is all that is…
    Dance And Sing Eat and Drink Filtered Water Live While
    you can
    and will
    Gift of
    Life is too
    Precious to Just give away…
    Without trying Joy on size Just once
    For A Naked God Dance And Song Within
    Heaven in
    Deed for
    Real Now
    No Fear
    No Hate
    No Hell HeaR LivES..:)

  3. Teachings Of Jesus Still Wisdom Whole Emptying
    Pockets Of Coins For
    Beauty Of Love
    Gold… So..
    What Would
    Jesus Do if
    80 Thousand
    People Are Dead…
    Protect With
    Love Or
    Coins.. No…Those
    Are Caesar’s They
    Belong to ‘TrumpS’…
    This DisEase
    It Evolves into
    Darkness of Light…
    We Don’t Even
    See… True…
    Some Will
    Still Sacrifice
    The Elders As
    Mud-Mix For
    Building New
    Pharaoh Golden
    Towers .. All that is
    At Stake HeaR NoW iN
    HeART is the Death
    Of Love And Jesus
    God Again…
    Jesus Never
    Wrote a Word…
    Even John 14:12
    Gives Greater Authority
    For Poetry Where
    Love Is Dead…
    Smiles my Friend…
    Pray Your Children
    Love You Enough
    Like Jesus
    Not to
    Your Life
    And Wear A
    Mask Around
    You… Instead
    Of Without
    For the
    God of Idol…
    Do You BeLiEVE iN
    Love Hopefully A
    Breath of
    Jesus Love For Real😁

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