No one succeeds alone

No one succeeds alone;

The concept of self made man is erroneous.

There is nothing like a self made person.

We only succeed because somebody has bolstered our efforts to do so.

Without the help and support of others, we cannot do much.

If you hear someone boasting that they are self made, such a person would be an ungrateful one; someone who doesn’t recognize and appreciate the enormous contribution of others to their success.

Think of all the sacrifices of your parents when you were unable to take care of yourself.

Think of all those who helped you along the way in one way or another; your wife who is always there to cook for you, take care of the home and the family when you are away at work.

Think of your husband and his sacrifices to stay back with the children while you were in school; the moral and financial support he gave you.

Can you say you have succeeded alone?

What of the househelp who is taking care of the kids while you are at work?

What of the neighbor who drops you at work every morning and picks you up after work?

Can you say your success is all your doing?


No one succeeds alone. We have to be honest, fair minded and grateful enough to give recognition where it is due.

You owe your success to God, to your effort and to others who helped you along the way.

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