Don’t be carried away

Are you the master of your destiny?

Do you have to allow yourself to be carried away by things happening around you?

At all times, maintain a clear, cold head and avoid reckless, irresponsible behaviour.

See what happened to someone. He writes:

“I wish to plead with all gossips and liars in taxis to always either be fast in telling their stories or summarize them.

‘Some of these stories are really thrilling to hear with a lot of suspense.

‘Sadly, most of the times, they fail to know that people are going to different destinations.

‘At the moment, I am stranded at a place called Sabga, because I was interested in stories that one man in my taxi was telling about charms.

‘When he alighted, I thought I had reached my destination also.

‘Unfortunately, before I knew what I had done, the taxi was gone.

‘I have no money one; but he is telling me to take it easy.

‘How do I take it easy? Shouldn’t he repair the damage he has caused? Isn’t he to blame?

‘Why didn’t he summarise his stories?”

You come across people like this man. They make mistakes a put the blame on others.

Shifting the blame will not help you.

You have to take responsibility for your actions.

No one can run your life for you. At all times, have a clear mind. No where you are going, how you are going and why you are going.

Be the master of your own destiny. Let me repeat: don’t be carried away.

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