Never stop till the end

Is there an end to studying?
With grey hair,
I want to be back in class;
I am hungry to learn;
To know some more;
I know it won’t be easy;
I will be slow;
But no problem with that;
The fast make it fast;
The slow make it slower;
What matters is to make it;
I will go at my pace;
But my target
Remains the winning point.
I want to win
Not by being first,
Or being second,
Or average,
But simply by crossing
The winning line.
Indeed, there is no end
To learning.
The bare truth is,
I shall never stop learning.

One thought on “Never stop till the end

  1. I am 68 years old and a professor, but I want to go to seminary. I earned a doctorate at 54, so you are right that we mustn’t stop learning, and my older students are some of the best students. They read and question.

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