If you don’t quit

You not only have found
The secret of success,
You are actually using it
If you work hard
And don’t quit
When the sky changes colors,
Turning from bright to dark;
When a hot day
Suddenly becomes cold;
Or, from a cosy armchair,
You find yourself sitting
On mud,
And yet refuse to budge an inch.
I like such a horse;
There is no magic wand
That lifts people
To the top on this planet
That I have come across;
The only lever I know
Is hard work happily
Married to persistence.
Let this couple never lack
In your entourage,
No matter the purpose
of your journey
And your destination;
If you call them
Brave soldiers in your war
Against failure,
I will not contest.
Since I know no door
They have failed to open.
What I tell my people is:
Work hard and don’t quit.
That is the Master Key.
If you quit you lose;
If you dont quit, you win.

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