Where are we with CORONA!

Where are we with the scourge of the corona virus pandemic?

This is a pertinent question. The fate of the world continues to hang on uncertainty. No one can afford to make as if nothing were at stake.

While the waves of fear and panic that swept through the world at the start of this pandemic have abated, the danger the deadly virus poses still hangs overhead.

Latest reports show that more that 7 million people the world over have been afflicted by the virus.

Of this number, over four hundred thousand have given up the ghost.

These are worrisome statistics.

If the current trend of spread and deaths continues, humanity is in for an unprecedented darkness.

Unfortunately, and rather strangely, people are more lukewarm about the measures to stop the spread of the deadly disease than ever before.

It is not time to relent but to intensify our effort.

No one should be deceived by the news flying around in social media about the discovery of indigenous medications for the pandemic.

We are not yet sure of the efficacy of what is presented to us. Thus, prevention remains our best bet to handle the disease.

We cannot relent in our prayers also. We have faith that God’s divine intervention will come at his chosen moment to save us.

Without the grace of God, all our efforts will go in vain. Hence, while respecting the measures to keep away the pandemic, we must, through prayers, surrender everything to Him. He alone has the final say.

This is not a moment to panic or to take anything for granted. We have to maintain cool heads, and knowing that wisdom is true might, we must do only what wisdom commands.


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