Why so much hate?

What is happening
In the world?
What is happening
In my country?
What is happening
In America?
What is really happening?
Yes, what is happening?
People are angry?
People are rioting?
People are protesting;
People are fighting;
People are killing one another;
What is happening?
What is actually happening?
Why are we fighting
And killing ourselves?
Shall we wipe humanity
Off the face of the earth?
Who can really tell me?
Can’t we live in peace?
Why don’t we love one another?
Where’s all the hatred from?
Why so much hate?


2 thoughts on “Why so much hate?

  1. We have to receive the love of God and know who we are through the sacrifice of his one and only Son, Jesus for us. Otherwise, we do not know how to love others. Love and light coming from one person to another, can change the world one at a time. Much love to you!

  2. Well I don’t like to be controversial, but basically, people are idiots? The majority of the world’s people’s are ignorant and are ruled by fear. Oh well only another 55 Billion years to go 😉

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