The spoilers

Many are those, in our world,
Who are idlers and loafers;
Shamelessly dushonest people;
And who like to reap
Where they did not sow;
They wait for others to sow,
Then they rush in to reap;
When the crops are ripe for harvest;
Either they are lazy,
Or do not know how to sow,
And instead of being honest,
And humble enough to learn
From those who know,
So they can do their own sowing
And reap from it in due time;
They sit idly by,
And wait for harvest time;
When they did not sow;
How do you wait for harvest time when you did not sow?
How do you see such people?
To me, they are spoilers;
We must shun them;
They are enemies to progress.
Their hearts are full of jealousy;
They want to succeed,
But don’t want others to succeed.
In this world,
instead of bei.g a spoiker,
Be a fixer.
If you see another shining,
Help them to shine brighter;
By so doing,
You shine in turn;
You always must know this;
If you lift someone today,
Someone will lift you tomorrow.
If you pull someoone.down,
Someone will pull you down;
If you stand on someone’s way,
Someone will stand on your way.
If you are a barrier
To someone today,
Someone will be a barrier
To you tomorrow.

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